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Edward Altman
   Nobel Prize
   In Economics

2010, The Sveriges Riksbank Prize
 in Economic Sciences
in Memory of Alfred Nobel

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350 Swedish & 164 foreign delegates
steer the committee for selecting the
Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences.

Edward Altman,
Professor, Stern NYU








JOP Leader in Excellence of the Year.  One man's humble journey with dedication and stamina.

       Whether a nation or an individual institution of production and services is in distress, Dr. Doom has had his way of searching for a silver-lining. Beyond distress, there is financial miasma, turmoil and chaos    la bankruptcy, however, there is innately a room for growth and prosperity.


     JOP encourages the 2010 Nobel Prize awarding committee to consider the Economist who has exerted his passion for Philanthropy and Justice through helping us with a better understanding of financial distress, debt and insolvency.

       Stern NYU Professor, Edward Altman's exemplary models predict particularly well, while connecting the health of firms with the economic well-being, performance and growth of the nation. As the market conditions since the demise of Bear & Stearns (in addition to Lehman Brothers) cannot overlook both financial distress in private markets and economic woes felt by humanity, there is no other Economist who steadfastly brought more than remedies, while anchoring experts and decision-makers alike to safe-harbor.

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